Find answers to questions frequently asked by our study participants. For further questions, feel free to contact us directly.

Every sample is important to us. Therefore, we ask you to submit samples even if you are past the usual date.

Enter your child’s symptoms in the symptom diary as usual. In the field reserved for additional notes, please note that you forgot to take the sample.

Please only take routine samples if you have not yet sent a routine sample that year/that quarter (main/sub-cohort). You should take these at the earliest 3 days after an infectious phase, so that no more recent pathogens contaminate the routine sample.

You are free to choose whether or not you consent to have your child’s blood drawn for study purposes.

Generally, blood samples for this study are not to be taken by general practitioners.

There will be no direct health benefits for you or your children from participating in this study. However, the results of our study can help to better understand (chronic) diseases and their risk factors and thus offer better prevention or treatment programs in the future. By participating, you are making an important contribution to the health of future generations.

Unfortunately, we cannot give individual feedback.

Unfortunately, we can only provide the app for Android users.